Conquerors of the Souls - Circle of Destiny

Comic book

Conquerors of the souls vol1

The Story

In the era that grew out of the emptiness of the unknown, there emerged beings who quickly pulled us into their games of power, greed and illusion of duality. Men craved freedom but everyone had a different understanding of it. Of course, not everyone could cope and it was only natural that a conflict arose soon thereafter. Governments fell and delved into inevitable chaos. It was impossible to concur with everyone’s wishes. Obviously, the self-appointed leaders did not like that. Its is not difficult to figure out how it all ended. Words like oppression and tyranny were used so often that they turned into clichés. No one doubted the conflicts were artificially created to unleash destruction and to re-establish power. Everyone knew what the deal was. It was easy to think “we are just trying to survive” – a thought that justified every evil deed.

Meet the Hero

Darn Koravoj

Darn Koravoj is not even a real hero. He is not much of a thinker, as he is affected by illusions and visions of strange beings from various worlds. He gets rid of these visions in his own way and doesn’t exactly lead what you may call a healthy lifestyle. He works in a weapon factory, specializing in security systems. He doesn’t even know how he got there anymore. Gave up and stopped trying to convince himself that things would ever change. He likes his work and his only friend and confidant Mary is an experienced dealer of smuggled corporation goods and his safe haven of stability in a world which has forgotten who we really are.


World in Disarray

Dystopia full of entities

World where supernatural beings, gods and demons and all that intergalactic riff raff comes together with depressing, grey architecture created by a disgusting regime that thrives on oppressed people and blind followers. It seems as there is no way out of this misery.

Conquerors of the Souls - Circle of Destiny

Regular Edition

Conquerors of the souls vol1


Format: pdf

Number of pages: 42

Regular edition does not include any posters which special version does.

Special Edition

SPECIAL EDITION Conquerors of the Souls VOL1


Format: pdf

Number of pages: 53

Special edition includes posters which regular version does not.

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